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The RN Peterson Company is committed to providing professional construction dewatering services and systems, pipe and pump rental, and sewage bypass systems on large and small projects in the central United States region to the civic and private industry sector projects. With over 30 years of experience, highly qualified staff, and premium equipment, we guarantee to provide personalized 24/7 service throughout the project completion.

As a US Corp of Engineer’s expert, Ron Peterson and staff have provided expertly-designed systems and services for over 30 years. Before a bid is submitted, our crews evaluate the site, take systematic steps to ensure all possible contingencies are evaluated including underground fluid transmission, treatment, retention or storage, and foundation construction projects. This provides critical information for every project, whether a simple pump rental or turn key, full-service project.

RN Peterson Co. is staffed and equipped to give your project an accurate and affordable construction dewatering program plus constant attention and monitoring throughout the dewatering process. Skilled personnel, technical and operational equipment are needed for sound planning, accurate cost estimating and effective dewatering procedures. The availability of our equipment and the experience of our work crews reflect the company’s attitude of service and cooperation with the client.

A constant, systematic maintenance program is another reason we can provide efficient, no-delay service. Pumps returned from a completed project are immediately taken down and reconditioned. Our full-service shop keeps all heavy duty equipment in new working condition, and can provide specifically engineered equipment for specialty jobs.

Call us to discuss our services and dewatering systems for your next construction project.

Services, Rentals & Repair

  • Custom-designed dewatering systems
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Vacuum-assisted pumps
  • Sewage by-pass systems
  • Well-pointing
  • Deep well dewatering
  • General rental, hoses & fittings

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